Regular Cleaning

We are happy to cater for all your domestic cleaning needs,with services including ironing, dusting, polishing and vacuuming.

One Off Cleaning

This is just a one off spring clean.It’s intend, thorough and makes your home completely pristine.The cleaning can take up to 6 hours, depending on the size and condition of your home.

Office Cleaning

We clean offices of any size, from small ones to large business centers. Our high standards and quality of service have allowed us to work where our clients have to be sure that they get the best possible service.

C&R Construction and Cleaning is a cleaning & construction company based in London. Please use the contact form to get in touch with us or simply click on the button belowe in order to apply for a cleaner starting from 11 pounds per hour.

The work we’ve done

Have a look at some before & after images:



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4 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Carma Weitzel says:

    I read through your blog post here. I have a question I was hoping you might be able to help with. Do you have a favorite cleaner for granite countertops? I just purchased a old house and the kitchen is filthy! I really appreciate any advice you can give.

  2. Zak says:

    30/03/2017 Respond Report
    Claudia was very proactive and thorough in her cleaning. She was professional and very friendly.

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